The root meaning of the word compassion comes from the Latin and it quite literally means “to suffer with”. It is more than simple empathy, more than simply feeling the pain of others. While certainly it includes feelings of empathy, it comes beyond that. When you feel it toward someone else, you not only “feel his pain,” you also want to make that pain go away. Feelings of that makes you want to do something about the pain of others.

Compassion is lacking these days. Poverty and strife across the world that continues to go unanswered by the world’s nations, war-torn countries upon whose ground spills the blood of countless husbands, fathers, brothers, wives, sisters, and mothers.

It is tempting to throw up our hands and declare that we can do nothing to change the poor state of our world. It is tempting to simply turn our backs on those in need, to turn our backs and go on with our lives. Yet, as tempting as this path is, it is surely doomed to failure. For in the failure of the least among us resides the demise of us all.

Quantum theory tells us that our thoughts and actions, however minute they are have effects in the real world. In this way, reaching out in it to someone in need to offer a helping hand, even if it is just to a single person, is enough to cause positive change, however small it may be.

This website is all about of that and how, you, in acting in a compassion way, will ensure that you achieve abundance in your life. It isn’t hard, it only requires an open mind and a willingness to try.

 By: Ashraf Mian ashraf mian

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Hope Opens Possibilities

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Dont play it small


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Small Steps for Big Goals

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In this world everything is possible. Nothing is impossible. The word ‘impossible’ itself spells as ‘I’m possible’. We can achieve everything we want on the basis of will power, strong determination and sacrifice. To accomplish a dream, you have to do a lot of hard work, have extra perseverance and concentration in a focus on…



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