The root meaning of the word compassion comes from the Latin and it quite literally means “to suffer with”. It is more than simple empathy, more than simply feeling the pain of others. While certainly it includes feelings of empathy, it comes beyond that. When you feel it toward someone else, you not only “feel his pain,” you also want to make that pain go away. Feelings of that makes you want to do something about the pain of others.

Compassion is lacking these days. Poverty and strife across the world that continues to go unanswered by the world’s nations, war-torn countries upon whose ground spills the blood of countless husbands, fathers, brothers, wives, sisters, and mothers.

It is tempting to throw up our hands and declare that we can do nothing to change the poor state of our world. It is tempting to simply turn our backs on those in need, to turn our backs and go on with our lives. Yet, as tempting as this path is, it is surely doomed to failure. For in the failure of the least among us resides the demise of us all.

Quantum theory tells us that our thoughts and actions, however minute they are have effects in the real world. In this way, reaching out in it to someone in need to offer a helping hand, even if it is just to a single person, is enough to cause positive change, however small it may be.

This website is all about of that and how, you, in acting in a compassion way, will ensure that you achieve abundance in your life. It isn’t hard, it only requires an open mind and a willingness to try.

 By: Ashraf Mian ashraf mian


Everything is Energy

Quantum physics tells people that nothing in this planet is completely solid. Everything is vibrating and is being influenced by a great energy. Plants also grow when exposed to some musical vibrations. Your mood, your feelings and all of your emotions are mainly affected by the energy. The human body is filled with spectacular energy…

power of suggestion

Power of Suggestion

Suggestion at its core definition means the psychological process by which a person induces a thought, sensation, or behavior of another person. When it is implemented, it can influence outcomes and achieve results. We brandish an extremely powerful instrument in suggestion. Think about a time when you saw a commercial marketing the latest and greatest…


Power of Listening

Are you a good listener? Have you ever thought about what it feels to be like when you ignore someone while he is speaking? Imagine of someone ignores what you tell. You will feel upset and dejected. So imagine how the other person feels when you ignore what he/she has to say. This has been…


Stop Critiсizing Yourself

Has ѕоmеоnе еvеr caused уоu emotional pain with careless, mеаn оr ѕаrсаѕtiс rеmаrkѕ? What fоllоwѕ are ѕоmе practical idеаѕ tо avoid thаt ѕоrt оf раin in thе futurе, аnd tо аlѕо make sure that ѕоmеоnе iѕ nоt your оwn ѕеlf. Criticism саn bе a роѕitivе force аt timеѕ. Wе muѕt bе able tо hаndlе it…


Don’t Let Fear Trap You!

Fear is a terrible situation that can stop a man’s track from moving forward or from engaging in worthwhile ventures. Fear causes unpleasant feelings initiated by the perils of danger, pain, or harm. And it simply permits a thought pattern that affects our beliefs and character. If there are certain stuffs to avoid in life,…



We humans have tendency to think about past or future almost all the time. We forget the present, which is the most valuable moment we have. Mindfulness involves keeping our attention in the present moment, and when it wanders off elsewhere, we keep note of it and patiently bring it back. Mind is like a…

value others

Value Others

We humans are biologically geared to overestimate ourselves and underestimate others. The underestimating tendency rise to a gigantic proportion when we don’t know anything about the person(s) we come across. We forget and ignore the fact that other persons could be more knowledgeable and talented person than us. You will value others naturally if you…


The Power of I Am

The phrase “I Am”, if used in a positive sense, is the most powerful sentence you would speak. If you say or repeat, “I am wealthy”, you are going to be wealthy sooner or later. You will stay healthy utter simple words, “I am healthy”. You will have a great social circle if you utter…



Good communication skill is very important to success in life, work and relationship. Without a good and effective communication, a message cannot be conveyed and can cause misunderstanding, frustration, or even disaster by being misinterpreted or poorly delivered. In 1977, two airplanes crashed on the Los Rodeos Airport runway, killing 583 passengers. The tragedy was…



Too little time but too much work to do is a common condition for most of the people in a busy world like ours. Day to day routine things and unexpected issues often eat our time and leaving us very too little time to do and enjoy the things we want. It is upto your…

man of value


Ever you thought about what are your “values” as a person. Are you worth anything? Often we get curious and ponder over the nature of human value, and what it even meant. How somebody’s value is even measured? Often we wonder. And is there a value to ours being? We ponder. Before we go into…

good habits


People, who are successful, maintain good habits that go along with success in every sphere of their endeavor. If you develop a good reputation for being a hard-working and dependable worker, you can draw attention of your superior faster. How you work reflects in the quantity and quality of recognition you get. Your effectiveness in…

create supporting system

Create Supporting System

There are many people who often think that they go through anything in their lives without the help of others. Whether they admit it or not, there are still times when they would feel really down. They will be in dire need of encouragement and real support coming from others. This is the main reason…

Taking Back the Power with No

Taking Back the Power with No

Being able to say “No” is a term that many people have difficulty with. It can lead to feelings of anxiousness, rejection, and even guilt. There are negative connotations associated with it that can alter our perception of its true power. Many highly successful people have learned how to properly use the term. Using it…

Be Authentic

Authenticity Matters

What do you use as your metric for what successful means? Maybe it is the amount money you accumulate or the amount of stuff that you own. Perhaps your definition is to own your dream car or an extravagant home. Can any of these tangible items truly describe success? Should we as a society look…

how to change-your-perception

How to Change your Perception and Life

Оur sеlf-rесоgnіtіоns аrе rеgulаrlу іmраrtеd іn us bеfоrе wе hаvе а sау іn thеm. Fіgurіng оut hоw tо сhаngе hоw wе sее оursеlvеs аssіsts us wіth dіsсоvеrіng оur соvеrеd uр   Тhе mоst еffесtіvе mеthоd tо Сhаngе Yоur Ѕеlf-Реrсерtіоn tо Lеvеrаgе Yоur Ніddеn Ѕtrеngths   strеngths, оr іmрrоvе wеаknеssеs wе dіdn’t knоw wе hаd, tо…



No matter whatever inherited talents you have, what family you were born into, the money you have earned, or the times of difficulty or that luck break, nothing will get you to where you want to be better than understanding your full potential. Every one of us has potential lying innate inside of us. The…

When I am silent, I have thunder hidden


Silence is a powerful energy source like no other. You can use it an instrument not only to help yourself but also to influence others’ behaviors and action. Interestingly, it is the least utilized instrument/power we human wield. Majority of us are not accustomed to silence. We feel troubled. We feel the urge to fill…



Integrity is rare trait and that is the reason why few people possess it. This should not be surprising. We live in a society that highly regard competition, materialism and of course selfishness. Majority of us are more concerned with personal value in as much as we toss integrity to the wind. Some of us…

Success in progress


Success and virtue are interrelated. You won’t be successful if you don’t have virtue. Success always follows virtues and if this is so it is to be understood that you have to first of all deserve success. A simple self introspection of yourself whether you deserve things you want can change course of your destiny….



Good leadership is crucial in every sphere likes politics, business, social reforms etc. But, what makes a good leader and how you can develop yourself into a good leader if you are not one to begin with? There are host of factors that contribute to good leadership. And, whether you are naturally a good leader…



Giving opens the way to receiving. – Florence Scoven Shinn   Your abilities to give and receive are at the center of your capacity to create and enjoy true prosperity. When you born into this world, you receive certain unique gifts, which are not give to others. These gifts take the forms of interests, innate…