In life and love we find ourselves in various kinds of relationships. We have family, friendships, supervisors, co-workers, partners, neighbors, officemates, lovers, brotherhood etc.  One thing in common is that in each and every one of these rapports we have likes and dislikes. However one thing that regulates this common aspect is expectations. What would ensue to our relationships once we removed expectations and judgements all together? If we had no judgments and expectations of those we have relationships with we will never have disappointment or pain.

In your mind you have made an insensible set of expectation that you place on every one be it if we are in a rapport with them or not. If we get rid of those judgements and expectations and had compassion for individuals as they are you will never experience pain in them. If you have no judgements and expectations of other you need the first step to knowing unconditional love. The key to bringing joy, happiness, and love in your lives and experiencing it any time of the day is as easy as getting rid of the expectations you hold on others.

So why cannot we have this emphatic with each other relationship in the world? Why you cannot understand that the staff at the supermarket is a human too and which she might be having a bad day as of her supervisor was rude to her and her supervisor might have had somebody cut them off on the road an hour prior to go to work? Why you cannot understand that you mother, neighbor, co-worker are human and make mistakes too? Why do you place such great expectations and judgement on others to be something they are not? Individuals are not perfect and not always kind. They get bad-tempered if they are mistreated or insulted. People have bad days; they have the right to be upset. So why do you have such high expectations?

If you are single and looking for a partners do you get yourself turning somebody away as they don’t fit one of your expectations. Perhaps you think men must always open the door for you, or perhaps you think when a girl is dressed a specific way she is not good enough to be your mate? It’s all because of judgement and expectations and all expectations and judgement do are making you unhappy!

Visualize life for one hour out of your day where you had no judgement and expectations of anyone! When you are capable of envisioning this, you must be capable of feeling great pleasure all around you. When you can remove expectations you could start to comprehend how to have sympathy and concern for other humans in life and you’re capable of experiencing the true wonder of unconditional love. Unconditional love doesn’t exist in a life of judgement and expectations so take some time to know when expectations start to control you and release them for a much pleasant experience in life true unconditional love.

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