Are you one of the people who always complain that things aren’t fair in life? You always feel that you are legitimately wronged and victimized by people around you? A lot of people experience the same thing. There is the constant disdain, mistreatment and all the other harshness you cannot do but complain about.

But you see – all these bad things that happen in your life also happen in other people, some even have it worse that you are. It means to say that the feeling of being wronged is for the most part because you learn to victimize yourself. It’s not to say that you are not actually wronged but because of this feeling, it is often the case that you grew angry and hostile towards others.

But what do you think these anger and hostility does to you? Do these help you in addressing and fixing the things which need to be fixed? It doesn’t. They only make you feel worse because you can never make positive things out of a negative mindset. In order to get away from the clutches of negativity and unfairness in life, you have to embrace compassion, love and positivism amidst all the bad.

The key is to stop seeing yourself as the victim. The problem here is that even when you make the conscious effort to change and see things in a positive light, it is people’s instinct to have strong and enraged response to things they perceive as unfair. People are biologically hardwired to recognize fairness and when they think of something as unfair, the amygdala part of the brain is triggered making you feel afraid or angry.

It is how things usually are, but it doesn’t have to be this way. You can change and stop being always the victim here, because you are not. You just have to learn that in life, things aren’t always fair. You don’t always get what you want and even if you can, it doesn’t mean that you have to. But just because life isn’t fair does not mean you are powerless and all you can do is roll over. You have to accept, however, that the way you perceive the bad things that happen to you affects your ability to make them right.

No matter what happens in your life, being fair is the one thing that can make you feel better. Instead of focusing on how you were wronged, think of the good things life can give you. You are alive and you can feel all the great things in the world. You can fall in love and make people smile if you want to. One way to help you from being the victim again is honest living along with fair actions. Why? Because the world is like a mirror who reflect whatever you have given it.

If you remain fair and just, honest, compassionate and caring in whatever you do, you can see that the world cannot help but give it back to you. Instead of feeling hostile and angry all the time, which only makes you feel bad about yourself, you can stay positive, deal with unfairness and change the things that you can.

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