Love and hate are two contrasting emotions that individuals feel. Love has many different definitions and individuals have dissimilar stands or views about it. Some individuals define love by how they feel while others view this as a relationship where they can feel love in. However, individuals need to realize that there are different types of relationship and different kinds of love in it.

Hate on the other hand is an unpleasant feeling rooting from either too much love or lack of love. In many facets of life, many individuals would agree about the fact that loving and hating are things that can be felt or experienced inevitably. If one puts in love, he or she will receive love and if one gives hate he or she will also receive hate. This is where the phrases love breeds love and hate breeds hate comes in.

In life, what you give will come back to you many times over. This is something that some individuals strongly believe while others will not. It is therefore fair to say that what you put in this world will come back to you. So, what are you really up to? Are you putting in love, peace and generosity or putting in anger, hate and violence. Let individuals like you be reminded that hate only echoes negative things. Hate breeds hate so it would be best to show compassion, love, peace and kindness and all these will surely come  back to you.

They say that happiness exists because there is sadness and sadness also exist because there is happiness; love because there is hate or anger and anger and hate because there is love. Individuals should better not make things complicated. Why not just plant love and harvest only happiness and peace?

So instead of living while hating it would be best to live while putting lots of good vibes and good people in your world. Hold the best persons in your world and never let them go. The ones you should let go are the ones who keep on doing hateful things and who keep on hurting you. Do not just love just because you believe that love will also come back to you but because loving and being compassionate is the right thing to do.

Remember that hatred should not co-exist with love. If you want to live in happiness and peace fill your heart with love only. Compassion and love are profound manifestations that can also empower your inner strength. Compassion can also heal and remove hate. So if you knew someone living in resentment and hate, show your compassion to them even more. This simple act will surely cleanse their hearts and their spirits.

Life can be challenging and there are things happening in life that could trigger individuals to either love or hate. Regardless of the situation, it still pays to cling into a loving and forgiving heart. This is an ideal means to live a happier and more meaningful life.

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