By:Ashraf Mian

Compassion isn’t something we need only to show to other humans. We share the planet with many other creatures, living beings that feel pain and fear just as we do. There are four main ways we can be kindness to our fellow creatures: boycott cosmetic companies that engage in animal testing, adopting a pet from an animal shelter, buying locally grown cattle and pork, choosing free-range chickens, and finally, writing your congressman to urge that all animal testing in labs be ended.

Boycott cosmetic companies that use animal testing

Some cosmetic companies test their products on animals like rats, rabbits, and even cats and dogs. They use the products on these animals to see if they cause a reaction. When it does it means pain and suffering for the animal and even when it doesn’t the animal is still handled roughly and kept in a cage, without love or contact with humans or others of its kind. It’s wrong to test products, especially those whose only purpose is vanity, on helpless animals who don’t know why they’re being subjected to pain.

Research the cosmetics you use to see if they’ve been tested on animals. If they have, write a letter to the company telling them why you won’t be using their products any longer and follow through. Tell your friends to do the same.

Adopt a dog or cat from your local shelter

5 to 7 million pets go into animal shelters every year in the United States. Three to four million end up euthanized; roughly 60 percent of dogs and 70 percent of cats
It’s a travesty for so many otherwise healthy dogs and cats are to be put down because there are no homes for them. Adopting a pet from a shelter will save at least one life.

Buy locally grown and slaughtered cattle and pork

Livestock slaughtered for meat is often treated poorly beforehand and during slaughter in the huge factory slaughterhouses of agribusiness. Pigs and cattle are crammed into pens filled with other pigs and cattle. They have no room to move. Many times, they are left half slaughtered and in pain before they die.
Local smaller cattle and pork growers, especially those who raise their stock on grass, have their own slaughterhouse facilities. Before the animals are killed, they can roam pastures and then they are slaughtered humanely. While grass fed beef and pork is more expensive, it is a more compassion way to raise livestock.

Buy free-range chickens

Like cattle and pigs, chickens are also kept in inhumane conditions before being killed. Chickens are kept in cages filled with other chickens without enough room to move. Many break wings and legs and are left in pain before being killed. Free-range chickens are able to roam free in huge pens.

Write your congressman or local representative

Animal testing in labs for medical and other research purposes happens all the time. Animals are tortured to find out what might work in a human. They are given diseases to try to be cured and many times they suffer horrendously. There are other ways of finding out the same information without having to torture other living beings. Write your local representative and urge them to sponsor or sign legislation to prevent animal testing in labs as form of Compassion.

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