By:Ashraf Mian

Compassion Meaning  – When you hear the phrase “global warming” it might bring up controversy in your mind. What is important to remember is that there is no longer a debate going on about whether or not the climate is changing: There are more hurricanes today than ever before and they are more powerful. Summers are getting far hotter than in the past and polar ice sheets are melting.

The current debate is about the cause of this climate change. Some scientists claim that the earth is simply going through natural fluctuations in the cooling and warming cycles of the planet. They contend that while humans have had an effect, the effect has been negligible and the climate would be changing regardless of human activity. Other scientists claim that while the planet does have natural cycles of cooling and warming, humans have caused it to accelerate and intensify. These scientists recommend that we take action to reduce these effects in order to slow and moderate the changes.

The important part about the climate change debate to remember is that it is happening and that humans can have some effect in lessening its effects. Think of the Earth as a friend who is in pain. Your friend may have caused his own pain by doing something stupid or something external to him may have caused it. Does the cause matter to you? Does it make you feel any less bad for him? You have some medicine available that can ease his pain. Do you opt not to give it him based on the cause of his pain, or do you give it to him regardless, knowing that he’ll feel better? Isn’t just giving him the medicine the more compassionate act?

Just as it’s more compassionate to give aid to someone regardless of the cause of their distress, alleviating the effects of climate change on the earth is more compassionate than doing nothing. There are three basic ways that we can act more compassionately to our planet: recycling, composting, and using public transportation.


Recycling used plastics, metals and glass shows Compassion Meaning  toward the environment. Some interesting statistics about recycling indicate that it does have an effect in reducing waste and pollution. For instance, if just 25 percent of American families used 10 fewer plastic bags per month, there would be 2.5 billion of them ending up in landfills per year. Recycling glass reduces air pollution by 20 percent and water pollution by 50 percent. Additionally, each ton of recycled office paper saves 380 million gallons of oil.


Did you know that 24 million tons of grass and leaves are thrown away every year? This accounts of three quarters of solid waste disposed every fall. Rather than throwing away yard debris, composting is a better solution. Composting will make your garden soil richer in nutrients and will allow the natural processes of decomposition to take place.

Use public transport

One of the major producers of greenhouse gasses is the automobile. While driving your own car can be more convenient than using public transport, the environmental costs are high.

There are over 140 million cars in the United States. It’s estimated that these cars travel 4 billion miles per day and use over 200 million gallons of gasoline. That’s a lot of fuel, which produces an increased demand for fossil fuels. The Earth’s fossil fuel reserves are drying up, necessitating drilling for oil in areas that are harder to reach, such as the deep ocean and continental areas that are largely inaccessible. Drilling for oil in these places is dangerous and when things go wrong during such an operation, they can go spectacularly wrong. We saw what can happen during the Deep Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

Opting to take the bus or the train to work instead of driving will reduce demand on fossil fuel as well as reduce greenhouse emissions.

Regardless of the cause of climate change there are things that we can do to slow it down. Shouldn’t we be compassionate enough to do those things if it means less suffering? It’s one of climate chance in relation with Compassion Meaning.

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