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The use of affirmations is one of the supporting pillars behind the idea that you can change your reality through the power of your mind. Affirmations are short, positive statements that can reflect the person’s current world or his or her idealized world.

While recently re-popularized by author Rhonda Byne’s best- selling novel, “the Secret,” and Ester and Jerry Hicks’ work, “The Law of Attraction,” utilizing affirmations is not a new concept. In the early twentieth century, the New Thought movement advocated using daily affirmations as a way to secure desired outcomes in life. In fact, Byrne’s work is largely inspired by New Thought advocate Wallace D. Wattles own tome, “The Science of Getting Rich,” published in 1910. The Hicks’ received inspiration from the work of Napoleon Hill’s book “Think And Grow Rich.” More recently, Anthony Robbins, famous life coach and self- help author, has advocated the use of affirmations as a way to actualize success. His term for affirmations is Neurolinquistic Programming (NLP.)

The theory behind using affirmations in order to achieve success in life is that every person has scripts running through his or her head at all times. These scripts are made up of ideas that each person hears, most especially from childhood. Some scripts, while derived from something heard, morph into other ideas entirely. Most often, these scripts are negative and are said to hold people back from realizing their goals. Certainly, they are uncomfortable thoughts that contribute greatly to a person’s mental distress.

Affirmations are a way to reprogram these negative scripts into more positive ones that nurture and encourage rather than to discourage and debase. By repeating a simple, short, and positive phrase, you are engaging in a form of self-hypnosis known as autosuggestion. While in a hypnotic state, your mind is highly open to new ideas and suggestions. The things that you hear or think while in this state will very likely make a large impression on you.

The key to creating effective affirmations is to make short statements that are positive in nature and are formatted in the present tense. Each statement should reflect the things you wish to bring into your life and how you want your life to be. You’ve heard of the phrase “fake it till you make it.” The idea is much the same here. It is very important that you do not use the future tense, in other words, statements like “I will become rich.” Such a statement implies that you aren’t rich now, and while you may very well not be rich today, you do not want to focus on some distant future that may not seem real to you. You want to focus on bringing that wealth into your life today.

Below you will find some examples of affirmations that you may use. You can change them around to better reflect your personal ideals and goals, or to make them more “you.” In any case, these samples will give you an idea and a feel for what affirmations should be like.

 Affirmations for health

My body is strong and able to fight off all illness

The cells in my body are vibrant and resistant

My body is full of energy and good health

Affirmations For Prosperity

I have everything I need and I am very satisfied with my life.

I earn a good salary.

My bank account is growing every day.

I am living in my dream house.

I am driving my dream car.

My prosperity increases every day.

Affirmations For Weight Loss

I am happy with my weight.

I am happy with my body.

Affirmations for Love/Romance

I am deserving of love and happiness.

I am in a loving relationship with my mate.

I radiate love and that love is returned to me tenfold.

My mate loves and respects me as I do him or her.

I attract only those who are good for me.

I am in a healthy and stable relationship.

General Affirmations

I believe in myself.

I am successful at whatever I endeavor to do.

I am a unique individual who is valued for my singular contributions.

My life is wonderful.

I am happy.

I have peace of mind.

I embrace change and delight in the joyful surprises of life.

Helpful Tips For Making Your Affirmations More Effective

There are ways to strengthen the power and the effectiveness of your affirmations. Below you will find a few ideas for doing just that.

Say Them In Front of A Mirror

While you may be thinking of Al Franken’s Saturday Night Live character, Stewart Smalley sitting in front of his mirror, clad in his pastel colored polo shirt and pants, repeating the phrase “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me!” the idea of looking at yourself in the mirror as you repeat your affirmations has merit. The most powerful scripts in your head likely come from something someone said directly to you. By gazing into the mirror and looking yourself in the eye as you repeat your affirmations, you are more likely to internalize your positive affirmation into a new, positive script to replace the negative one.

Write Them Down

Perhaps you might recall a time from your childhood where, as punishment for misbehaving at school, your teacher had you write out a statement summarizing the correct behavior multiple times over and over again. You may think that this was just a stupid punishment, but there is actually a method in it. When you copy words to paper, it helps you to memorize and internalize the subject about which you are writing. In having you repeatedly write out the correct behavior, your teacher was helping you to learn it. In fact, that is why one of the best ways to study is to take notes while reading. The same holds true for affirmations. Writing them down repeatedly, perhaps ten to twenty times, will assist your mind in internalizing them.

Speak Affirmations Passionately

When you are saying your affirmations, try to say them as passionately as you can. When you put a lot of emotion behind your statements, the more effective they become.

Chant or Sing Your Affirmations

Part of the Hindu and Buddhist faiths, where many of the ideas behind effecting change in your world through mental power originate, it is common to chant prayers and supplications. It turns out that your mind is actually more open to accepting affirmative messages if they are chanted or sung. The reason for this is that chanting or singing a phrase repeatedly puts you into a hypnotic-like state, in which your mind becomes very suggestible.

All human beings have negative self-talk running through their heads at some time in their lives and some people are more affected by it than others. Whatever the case, this negative disaffirmation, if you will, can cause you to completely miss all of the opportunities for success that you come across daily. You may not even see an opportunity for what it is due to the negative attitude such disaffirmation fosters.

By using the power of affirmation, you will replace all of that negative self-talk with positive statements. You will eventually internalize these statements and you obtain the power to change your life to be the way you have always dreamed it could be.

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