Sir Isaac Newton once said, “We build too many walls and not enough bridges”. He got the point, didn’t he? At this point in time, we need more awakening words like these for us to wake up from the deep slumber that we’re in. The world needs our compassion, love and harmony. Everyone needs compassion, love and harmony. With all the worldly things happening around us, these three words can sure make a difference and reunite all the forgotten pieces of Earth.

According to Romans 12:16, “Live in harmony with one another. Do not be proud, but be willing to associate with people of low position. Do not be conceited.” We’re too busy to argue about political views, laws and social issues that we fail to examine what the spiritual laws are saying. Humans are being too conceited about the thoughts, behaviors, feelings and truth that can change the world. We’re too proud not to see what we need within us. We’re not living in harmony anymore because instead of building bridges, we’re surrounding ourselves with high walls and closed ears.

Let’s hear the cry of this generation. Let’s start building bridges by breaking down the chains that bind us by knowing the Truth. Let’s seek forgiveness. Let the overflowing love in our hearts building compassionate bridges towards harmony . We have to let go of our fears, our inhibitions, our insecurities, our anger, our envy and our sorrows. Building bridges means we’ll have to forget about the dark walls of our past and start anew by nurturing our compassionate selves and share love for peace and harmony.

The world has a heart. It may not see nor hear but it can feel. Let’s make the world feel the love that we have for it. Let’s build bridges of love and compassion across the nations and see what happens next. We should not let fear stop us from doing what’s good and what’s righteous.  It is all about faith that we can love freely and fully. It’s knowing where we came from. Build bridges not walls of greed and lies. Let’s think about the young generation who hopes for a bright tomorrow. Can we really risk building high walls to block that future? Let’s embrace reality and learn from our mistakes. It’s never too late to change and correct our paths. We must free ourselves from our thinking of unlawful thoughts.

Build bridges not walls by showing compassion and love to achieve harmony and unity in all cultures. It’s not hatred that will make us but it’s hatred that will break us. Building walls can never separate us from Love. No wall can match how strong Love is. If we just became more compassionate about life and the world, we’ll realize this. Stop hating, start building.

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