Deputy Director of Health France Implementation Team Department,  Mary Agnew offers new health care on treatment to patients in various problems with which called as “compassionate healthcare” and she has proven it on some organization across the health system in Francis.

Starting on June, 2013, Mary Agnew conveying the result of experience with her teams and it’s for inspiring all healthcare organization especially for the national healthcare system in France and generally for all in the world to care the patient with safe and compassionate care consistently. In addiction the compassionate healthcare also is hoped not only focus for the patient but also can create well being staffs healthcare.

“It is about ensuring everybody involved in care sees as always, first and then also foremost, ‘the person on the patient’, need listening to views, concerns, and including people as partners and experts in their own as well“

Compassionate are one of the healthcare treatments which consider important of the human value in the social life and each man needs right of treating way naturally. Based on Mary Agnew it’s related to the system will reacts if there some are wrong things. Agnew want to change the treatment process in hospital and another health system organization is back again to think focus to the compassion between staffs and patient though these day the technology is sophisticated.

To implement it is not easy actually even today where the treatment healthcare is under the rigid system.  Agnew  add “It’s not easy to change and challenge the system on the complex situation”. Then “Let’s speak for changing of treatment up and be a sure voice for compassion” asked by Mary Agnew.

In recent years, indeed much of treatment ways is not as for the human, due to the development technology which also influence the healthcare system as well. As what conveyed by Charles R Figley, writer of Treating Compassion Fatigue that it has occurred in the field of widening audience traumatic and even till get post-traumatic stress disorder because the treatment which is based on machine and not with humanity. Therefore, the emergence of the compassionate healthcare can rebuild it anymore to get treatment based on value of humanity.

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