Recently, there were many who protested McDonald’s, either from employees or external parties, because it gave the workers minimal wages. It’s not without reason actually there are some facts which show that McDonald does not give the appropriate service to workers – and it can be included as form of compassion less in a workplace.

Just morning I read some news on television and website – I found news in Forbes based on interview to one of McDonald workers. When she first started working there, she was making $7.25, and then after the president of US raised minimum level wage in 2006, then the minimum wage for her also was raised to $7.35. Although raised, but when she count it’s not enough moreover she has some family member who need to feed, should paying rent of living home and paying transportation to go to working place as well.

It’s in the contrary with the condition of executive who of McDonald Company where their profit continue increase. There are some branches which are available in many country in all around the world, even in a country there are more than hundreds branches.

This phenomenon, if relate with compassion actually does not reflect the kindness between worker and who employ.  Perhaps, McDonald seems does not (doesn’t want to) know about the situation of worker especially in economic condition. Even as conveyed by one of worker above, she doesn’t get health insurance from company as form of caring reflection which should be given by a company.

These days the compassion attitude is very less, including compassion for the workers. Maybe because we live in a materialistic age, then took up the human as a robot that can be ordered at any time, is not unusual. Sometimes the humanity has been forgotten, all it takes is strength only, while the protection and guarantees provided is lacking.

McDonald case this should make us aware that we are social creatures that need each other. McDonald would not succeed if it is not helped by the workers, and vice versa the workers cannot eat if no work. Therefore with the compassion of respect rand regardless of level position is an important thing that needs to be maintained.

But on the fact this time based on information in Forbes, McDonald’s has not indicated that they will be raising worker pay as a result of this week’s strike.

What are your thought about this topic?

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