July 30th is marked as the international day of friendship which firstly declared by the UN General Assembly in 2011. The idea of friendship day is back grounded the awareness of between peoples, cultures and countries have a close relation and can inspire peace efforts to the human life in the world.

Yesterday, it’s celebrated by many people in all over the world internationally, which emphasize the role of friendship in strengthen of peace and tolerance across cultures. It’s important to promote the understanding and respect for diversity to the international resident – it’s one of important point of the international friendship day purpose.

Ban Ki-moon, the UN Secretary-General said “On this International Friendship Day, let’s cultivate warm ties which strengthen common humanity and also promote the well-being of the human family.”

The understanding of friendship actually is an important factor on affecting the international pursuit of equality, human rights and democracy. It also importance for developing values of friendship toward children to care them through education. Broadly, it’s time to solve all the problem of misunderstandings and the tensions of conflicts in today’s world.

Humans are referred to as social beings. None is able to live alone in this world; on the contrary we need always a friend. The friend was not only expected to help when someone is in trouble, but to listen feelings, dialogue, and even when are sad and happy also requires the presence of a friend. Anytime we should realize that friendship is very important.

Having friends indeed is a wonderful thing; we can share the joys and sorrows story with them. So, it’ time for us to express our respect to our friends around us, not mean to give them a gift but an expression of gratitude and compassion will be more meaningful.

As Helen Keller said “Walking in the dark with a friend is better than walking in the light alone.” Indeed when we have a thousand friends sometimes is not enough, but when we have an enemy one feels small world. Therefore, let’s keep our friendship with love and compassion and always to find new friend as much as possible.

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